to inspire me, to provoke me, to make me create

Still trying to figure out what to do with this blog…

Maybe this can be my list-making blog? I am not too fond of it for photograph posting, so that’s out. I have had many months to think, but nothing comes to mind. I would be sad to abandon it though. That is just how I am!

Since this is such a tiny post, here is my favorite photo from last Saturday at the botanical gardens:

It’s of the Thai Pavilion, which is truly gorgeous!


So, lately I have gotten very much into digital scrapbooking & photography. I have always loved photography, but never thought I could be any good at it.  

A bit of background: One of my mother’s sisters is an artist who could do all sorts of cool things from jewelry making to photography. I pretty much worshipped her when I was little. She & her sister would visit us maybe twice a year & I would get to model for her. This was back before self-consciousness set in. Now, I feel so embarrassed when I get my picture taken. Anyway, it was accepted that the rest of the family was not talented like her & growing up I thought that it was all or nothing. I also had some bad art class experiences in school, so I came to believe art was not for me.

I loved writing from first grade on & it grew into a passion when I was a teenager. I know it will always be my first love. However, I always felt like I wanted to be talented like my aunt. I could never draw a straight line & I was terrible with our 35mm camera, which neither my mom or I understood. When it broke I occasionally would buy a disposable one. We have tons of pictures of our cats, but pretty much nothing else for many, many years.

Then, a couple of years ago I bought a new phone. Nothing too fancy, but it has a camera & I got really excited to use it. It took me a couple of  months to figure it out, but I loved it. I realized I could be good at it. Not as a vocation or anything, but as something to express myself with, something to have fun with. Right away I knew I wanted a “real” camera. This spring I bought my baby, a red Canon Powershot. I know there are even more awesome cameras & in my wildest dreams I would wish for one, but compared to my camera phone it seems super fancy! I am still figuring it out, which I actually enjoy & I am loving it! 🙂

In March, I found an old-ish disposable camera. Seriously, I have no idea how old it was… at least 3-4 years. My my mom & I took a walk & I took pictures with my camera phone & the disposable one. I was happily surprised to see I was vastly improved from shots I had taken on another camera about 10 years ago. I honestly can’t believe I improved.

The point of all of my blather 🙂 is to say art is obviously very subjective & if it you want to do something artistic & it makes YOU happy, you definitely should! I even draw sometimes, wiggly lines & all.

Some photos (if they show up wonky, I apologize. I cannot figure out how to get pictures displayed the way I want them)…

The first two were taken in 1996 or 1997 on a disposable 35mm camera. The latte one was the first camera phone photo I took! The next two were taken in March with a disposable 35mm camera & the two after that were taken in March with my camera phone. The last three were taken in June with my Canon Powershot.

Thanks for reading my lengthy post. 🙂

Where have I been?

So I haven’t visited my blog in months…. bad, bad me! I have been pretty sick. Well, I still am, but I wanted to try to get back at it. I have such high expectations for myself & when I can’t follow through I tend to hide my head in the sand. It’s something I have struggled with since I was a little girl. I am feeling “out of sorts” today. Lately really. I was busily working on a new story & for some reason I could care less about it now. It makes me sad. I know these feelings will pass, but I really hate it when they have settled in for a bit. Grrr!

I discovered digital scrapbooking this summer. This month actually. Oh my goodness! It’s going to be one more dangerous obsession! 😀 Paper products make me wish I was a billionaire! I actually started a few layouts & though they are pretty simple, I am happy how they are turning out. My mom & I spent over an hour last night working on a layout. It was nice to do something fun together. I have been having a blast checking out the different sites & drooling over all of the things I can’t afford.

There is so much to update, but I am going to take it slow. I am hoping once autumn rolls around my battle with dehydration will end. I know so many people love, love, love summer & I do not begrudge them that at all, but I was never a big fan before. Now that it brings with it chronic dehydration, I can honestly say that I hate it. I am sick of being sicker than I even was before. OK, rant over.

Be back soon, hopefully with pictures! 😀

making soup…

My mom & I decided to make minestrone for dinner tonight. It is quite windy & the temperature is dropping. Supposedly it is going to snow overnight. Welcome Spring! 😀

Some photos of our in progress soup making adventure…

random musings…

*My goals for Friday

1) paint in my journal (actual paint, since I am out of glue and cannot collage)

2) seriously get back into my story, instead of just thinking about it

3) perhaps organize my desk just a bit

4) laugh… everyone should laugh more! 😀

Hmmm, that sounds like a good start. Now, I must get my writing in for today. I always have such big plans for the day and then time inevitably seems to slip away far too quickly.  Too many ideas and inspirations and not enough hours in the day and also, me getting waaaay too distracted.

Brand new-ness…

I never thought I’d want to have a blog. Recently, it has been something I have been obsessing over just the tiniest bit. In the past week, I have found so many gorgeous, wonderful, amazing blogs that have inspired me more than I think I ever have been before in my life, by anything or anyone. So, I went for it. I want to have someplace online to do everything I want to do offline… record/document the small things, be creative, write, peruse pretty objects and photographs. Maybe I have nothing interesting to say, maybe I do. I want to do this for me. I can’t wait to see where this takes me!

Some photos I took today…