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making soup…

My mom & I decided to make minestrone for dinner tonight. It is quite windy & the temperature is dropping. Supposedly it is going to snow overnight. Welcome Spring! 😀

Some photos of our in progress soup making adventure…


random musings…

*My goals for Friday

1) paint in my journal (actual paint, since I am out of glue and cannot collage)

2) seriously get back into my story, instead of just thinking about it

3) perhaps organize my desk just a bit

4) laugh… everyone should laugh more! 😀

Hmmm, that sounds like a good start. Now, I must get my writing in for today. I always have such big plans for the day and then time inevitably seems to slip away far too quickly.  Too many ideas and inspirations and not enough hours in the day and also, me getting waaaay too distracted.

Brand new-ness…

I never thought I’d want to have a blog. Recently, it has been something I have been obsessing over just the tiniest bit. In the past week, I have found so many gorgeous, wonderful, amazing blogs that have inspired me more than I think I ever have been before in my life, by anything or anyone. So, I went for it. I want to have someplace online to do everything I want to do offline… record/document the small things, be creative, write, peruse pretty objects and photographs. Maybe I have nothing interesting to say, maybe I do. I want to do this for me. I can’t wait to see where this takes me!

Some photos I took today…