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Where have I been?

So I haven’t visited my blog in months…. bad, bad me! I have been pretty sick. Well, I still am, but I wanted to try to get back at it. I have such high expectations for myself & when I can’t follow through I tend to hide my head in the sand. It’s something I have struggled with since I was a little girl. I am feeling “out of sorts” today. Lately really. I was busily working on a new story & for some reason I could care less about it now. It makes me sad. I know these feelings will pass, but I really hate it when they have settled in for a bit. Grrr!

I discovered digital scrapbooking this summer. This month actually. Oh my goodness! It’s going to be one more dangerous obsession! 😀 Paper products make me wish I was a billionaire! I actually started a few layouts & though they are pretty simple, I am happy how they are turning out. My mom & I spent over an hour last night working on a layout. It was nice to do something fun together. I have been having a blast checking out the different sites & drooling over all of the things I can’t afford.

There is so much to update, but I am going to take it slow. I am hoping once autumn rolls around my battle with dehydration will end. I know so many people love, love, love summer & I do not begrudge them that at all, but I was never a big fan before. Now that it brings with it chronic dehydration, I can honestly say that I hate it. I am sick of being sicker than I even was before. OK, rant over.

Be back soon, hopefully with pictures! 😀



  Jamie Lynn wrote @

I prefer the other blog host, but it’s okay to have more than 1 blog, I currently have 3.

blog post don’t have to be long or hold to any certain “rules” I belive blogs are for entertainment with the occasional educational or further enrichment benifit.

but that’s just me

  Carolyne wrote @

I am preferring the other blog host too. I would be fine with two blogs, but I feel like each one should be for something different & right now they are basically the same. I guess I’ll figure it out along the way.

Wow! Three blogs? I am quite impressed. 🙂

  Jamie Lynn wrote @

Please don’t be impressed. I do a lot of pre-posting.

Meaning I seem to get on kicks where I have several ideas at once, I write them up and bloger has the option to choose when you want it posted. This way I have some qued up and room to post more current news type stuff as well

one site is for my arting junk (the new 1), one is for my writing fun with real life stuff and poetry (6-7 years or so) and one is a 365 day challege for photographs- now in it’s 2nd year which is felling not so fresh anymore.

Now that I’ve said that I don’t think I will stop bloging, it is too entertaining for me and this is such a huge world to miss out any part of it.

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