to inspire me, to provoke me, to make me create

So, lately I have gotten very much into digital scrapbooking & photography. I have always loved photography, but never thought I could be any good at it.  

A bit of background: One of my mother’s sisters is an artist who could do all sorts of cool things from jewelry making to photography. I pretty much worshipped her when I was little. She & her sister would visit us maybe twice a year & I would get to model for her. This was back before self-consciousness set in. Now, I feel so embarrassed when I get my picture taken. Anyway, it was accepted that the rest of the family was not talented like her & growing up I thought that it was all or nothing. I also had some bad art class experiences in school, so I came to believe art was not for me.

I loved writing from first grade on & it grew into a passion when I was a teenager. I know it will always be my first love. However, I always felt like I wanted to be talented like my aunt. I could never draw a straight line & I was terrible with our 35mm camera, which neither my mom or I understood. When it broke I occasionally would buy a disposable one. We have tons of pictures of our cats, but pretty much nothing else for many, many years.

Then, a couple of years ago I bought a new phone. Nothing too fancy, but it has a camera & I got really excited to use it. It took me a couple of  months to figure it out, but I loved it. I realized I could be good at it. Not as a vocation or anything, but as something to express myself with, something to have fun with. Right away I knew I wanted a “real” camera. This spring I bought my baby, a red Canon Powershot. I know there are even more awesome cameras & in my wildest dreams I would wish for one, but compared to my camera phone it seems super fancy! I am still figuring it out, which I actually enjoy & I am loving it! 🙂

In March, I found an old-ish disposable camera. Seriously, I have no idea how old it was… at least 3-4 years. My my mom & I took a walk & I took pictures with my camera phone & the disposable one. I was happily surprised to see I was vastly improved from shots I had taken on another camera about 10 years ago. I honestly can’t believe I improved.

The point of all of my blather 🙂 is to say art is obviously very subjective & if it you want to do something artistic & it makes YOU happy, you definitely should! I even draw sometimes, wiggly lines & all.

Some photos (if they show up wonky, I apologize. I cannot figure out how to get pictures displayed the way I want them)…

The first two were taken in 1996 or 1997 on a disposable 35mm camera. The latte one was the first camera phone photo I took! The next two were taken in March with a disposable 35mm camera & the two after that were taken in March with my camera phone. The last three were taken in June with my Canon Powershot.

Thanks for reading my lengthy post. 🙂


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  Bleubeard and Elizabeth wrote @

I tried to leave you a comment on your other blog, but I couldn’t find where to put one. I really enjoyed your dream post, and I really, really enjoy these photos. Haven’t digital cameras come a long way since the mid-90s? In fact, I’m pretty sure the disposable wasn’t even a digi cam.

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